Danielle Daggett

Freelance Copywriter

Based in the Yorkshire Dales 

Copywriter/Editor - Aspire Magazine

Producer/Editor: The Farming Country Podcast 

Lover of film and theatre,

crazy dog lady,

box-set addict,

NYFA graduate. 


Whether it's small, medium or large, with a team of 500 or just the one, running a business is hard work, and it's impossible to find the time to do it all. Often, especially amongst smaller businesses, marketing tasks are neglected; deemed less important and pushed to the bottom of the 'to-do' list again and again.

Informative, persuasive and creative content can turn website visitors and those reading your press releases into customers. Posting regular content to your website and social media channels is vital for business growth. Though time-consuming, these tasks you're avoiding can increase brand awareness and really help to boost business. 


Time to bring in some help? 

Combining my passion for writing with my years of experience in both advertising and editorial at Aspire Magazine, I have helped many local businesses spread their message and increase custom. 


I help businesses like yours with everything from a single press release to full website content and product descriptions to social media management. I'm happy to work with you in any way you'd like; be that full project creation and management or just a helping hand for the finer details. 



Ready to get the ball rolling? 

Personally, I find it's always best to meet in person and discuss the details.

Enquire now to set up a free, no-obligation consultation.